[Watch] Someone beat all 84 bosses in The Witcher 3 on Death March without taking damage, in Geralt’s underwear, and more

No Damage, Signs*, Potions, Bombs, Buffs, Crossbow, or Armor

If you ever wondered whether it was possible to put The Witcher 3 on one of the hardest difficulties, strip Geralt down to his underwear and beat the game without using consumables or buffs – the answer is yes.

YouTuber and gamer, Aeraloth, posted a nearly 2-hour long gameplay video of them beating all 84 bosses from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and both DLCs (Hearts of Stone & Blood and Wine) on Death March without taking damage or using buffs like whetstone, potions and decoctions, as well as bombs, crossbow and without wearing any armor.

For the most part, signs were not used in the playthrough either. Yrden was used three times in the playthrough on Jenny, White Lady and Cursed Mother. Aard was used twice on Fire Elementals to extinguish burning aura which couldn't be avoided. Axii was used once while fighting Hym to calm down NPC required to finish the boss.

Check out the gameplay below!