WATCH: Rime releases third developer diary which talks puzzle design, character creation, and game mechanics

Accessibility is a big focus.

After much uncertainty, Tequila Works' Puzzle Platformer, Rime is almost here. One of the ways that the developers (and publisher Grey Box) have been advertising the game is by putting out developer diaries which discuss a broad range of topics regarding the creation of the game. Earlier today, the third developer diary went live and gives a behind-the-scenes look at puzzle design, character creation, and game mechanics.

Here's the video:

While it is a puzzle game, Rime isn't aiming to be the type of game that will challenge every neuron, as it focuses more on the flow of the experience rather than getting you stuck for an hour on one puzzle. Much of the game will be very traditional with your usual running, jumping, sprinting, and climbing mechanics, but the thing that will make it stand out is its use of sound. The player will be able to interact with objects that emit sound, and other similar mechanics will require a larger learning curve.

Rime releases on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch later this month on May 26th, 2017.

Source: [Rime YouTube]