[Watch] Resident Evil 7 Free DLC ‘Not a Hero’ Delayed, Devs Give A Personal Message

You can't possibly be mad when it's free and they give a video apology

Resident Evil 7 has been a marvel for those who love the horror genre. It has filled the hole in our hearts left by PT. What's more, a free DLC named 'Not a Hero' was announced and planned for release in Spring 2017. However, today it was announced that this DLC has been delayed.

'Not a Hero' continues the story of Resident Evil 7. The developers decided that since the main game received such high praise, their DLC should match that quality. They had decided that it doesn't, in its current state, and they have delayed it. The video below contains a sincere apology and promise of excellence, which we can't help but smile from. 

'Not a Hero' may be delayed, but now we know it will be up to developer's highest standards.