[Watch] New trailer for The Evil Within 2 shows off creepy new villain

A picture is worth a thousand words.

When The Evil Within released in 2014, it was filled with creepy enemies that would periodically show up to terrorize you. There was a really unnerving Grudge-like woman that would crawl around on all fours, a big butcher with a safe on his head, and some other weird creatures that made players' skin crawl.

The sequel set to arrive later this year looks like it'll do something very similar by introducing a new villain named Stefano. Stefano is a former war photographer with one eye and he's obsessed with a person's final moments on Earth and turning it into "art". His methods are unconventional and he's driven to take the perfect snapshot of someone's death even if it means taking someone's life himself.

“Stefano is a passionate adherent of beauty in all its shapes and forms, and it shows in his artwork,” says Keita Sakai, Lead Concept Artist. “In the real world, however, ignorant masses would find some of his ideas of beauty unpalatable. For him, Union is a haven, a perfect canvas granting him the power of unbridled creation, with no one to distract him from his pursuit of artistic perfection. He is always single-mindedly focused on searching for the perfect medium for his next masterpiece, something to bring him ever closer to pure artistic perfection. For his next project, he has set his eyes on Lily, the Core of Union. And when Stefano sets his eyes on something, nothing will stand in his way.”

You can view a trailer starring Stefano above.

The Evil Within 2 will release on Friday, October 13th on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.