[Watch] New Resident Evil 4 easter egg discovered over a decade later

How bizarre...

Easter eggs in video games can range from really obvious stuff like Lester Crest from Grand Theft Auto V referencing Niko Bellic from Grand Theft Auto IV or it can be incredibly subtle, obscure stuff that isn't found for months or even years like the hidden room in Batman: Arkham Asylum that teases the plot of Arkham City. Sometimes these easter eggs are really cool and sometimes, they're really strange and can leave players scratching their heads.

One example of this is a brand new easter egg that a YouTuber uncovered while playing Resident Evil 4. The player, known as Slippy Slides, randomly noticed a texture that looked like a person out in the distance but there was no way to reach it within the game so they took the in-game camera and flew it out of the game's map to reach the mysterious figure.

Upon reaching the figure, Slippy Slides discovered a picture of a real person placed into the game almost like a cutout standee. No one seems to know who the person is and many just assume it's a developer but it's really hilarious to think that this super random and obscure image of a person has been hidden with Resident Evil 4 for over a decade. You can check out the video below.

Resident Evil 4 is currently available on almost every platform under the sun released since 2005.