[Watch] New Horizon: Zero Dawn trailers show off diverse tactics in tackling different enemy types

Combat looks quite layered

Horizon: Zero Dawn is shaping up to be kind of a big deal for PS4 gamers, and the latest trailers that PlayStation has put out on their YouTube channel subtly confirm the quality that Guerrilla Games has poured into the game over the last seven years. Each of Horizon's overworld mechanical beasts has a uniquely different attack pattern, and in turn, strategy for taking them down.

One of the coolest strategies comes from the Thunderjaw (embedded above) that lets players detach its disc launcher that it uses to launch projectiles at enemies and turn it against it. It's this kind of resourcefulness that allows for emergent gameplay opportunities that are designed to feel random, yet natural, but are all a part of the game's core design. 

The Snapmaw (I'm sensing a naming convention here) has its own weak points and is all based on its ice-elemental attacks. What's interesting here is that defeating the Snapmaw is made easier by using a particular type of arrow, specifically explosive arrows.  

Horizon: Zero Dawn is officially on its way and will release in full on February 28th, 2017.

Source: [YouTube]