[Watch] New Fantasy-RPG, The Dwarves wants you to get to know its 15 playable characters

First up is Boindil Twoblade

There aren't a whole lot of things better than a dual axe wielding Dwarf. That's exactly what Boindil Twoblade brings to the battlefield in the upcoming Fantasy RPG, The Dwarves. As you might imagine, The Dwarves is all about the little guys under the mountain and comes with 15 unique playable characters. Developer KING Art Games and Publisher THQ Nordic are currently running a promo series on each of the playable characters, and the video you see above is Episode 1.

Boindil Twoblade is described as "one of Tungdil’s most loyal companions and friends. The quick and ferocious fighter is extremely agile and outpaces both his allies and his opponents in battle. With his two axes, Boindil is a killing machine, who is brave and wild and loves a good fight."

More or less, he's everything you'd expect and want in a Dwarven companion. Boindil's Blade Storm ability unleashes a fury of precision strikes for significant melee damage, while he uses his Jedi-like Leap ability to scale tall overlooks to prevent enemies from gaining a height advantage over the battlefield.

The Dwarves releases on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac on December 1st, 2016.