[Watch] New Dishonored 2 gameplay trailer shows us all the ways we can kill people

I need this game.

The latest gameplay trailer for Dishonored 2 shows gives us a good look at all the ways we get to combine skills and kill our enemies. We knew the game would offer us some creative kills, especially after it was revealed that QA testers were doing things the developers never imagined… but this trailer really makes it clear.

Bethesda has uploaded a video featuring all of the skills we can look forward to employing as both Corvo and Emily in Dishonored 2. For Dishonored players, Corvo's move set is pretty familiar – he gets up close and personal. Emily, however, is bringing an entirely new set of skills with a much darker twist… like dismembering and becoming a demon.

Both protagonists have so many skills that they can be combined in a number of ways! One of the best parts of the trailer is when Emily uses Doppelganger, then Domino, then Far Reach and pulls three guards up and tosses them over a ledge. 

If you're in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles, you'll be able to get creative in Dishonored 2 yourself with a hands-on!