[Watch] Mimikyu just wants to snuggle in its newly revealed Z-Move for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

The worst snuggle a Pokemon could give.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are just around the corner, and they are promising to pack a lot more into the Pokemon Experience than ever before. With new Ultra Beasts, Legendaries, and a new take on Team Rocket incoming, there's going to be a lot to catch and see. Also included in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be new moves, and the latest Pokemon trailer focuses on one of Alola's most momorable denizens, Mimikyu. 

Mimikyu will be getting its own exclusive Z-Move called Let's Snuggle Forever. It's the sort of cutesy-creepy combo you expect from such a Pokemon, and you can check out what it looks like in the trailer below.

According to the official Pokemon website, in order to use the Let's Snuggle Forever Z-Move, make sure your Mimikyu has the ability Play Rough in its moveset, which will unlock the Z-Move once the crystal is activated. 

Here's the official description for Let's Snuggle Forever.

"When Mimikyu’s wishes are in sync with its Trainer’s, it comes up behind its target, enveloping it in the cloth that it wears. Then it uses its full power to show its opponent a little 'tough love.'"

The Z-Crystal, Mimikium Z is exclusive to Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, so if you want your Mimikyu to unleash creepily adorable hell on its opponents, you need to grab one of the two titles. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon release for Nintendo 3DS on November 17th, 2017.