[Watch] Milestone announces MXGP3 to release this Spring

What stunts can you pull off?

Milestone announced that MXGP3, based on the current 2016 season, will release this Spring on consoles and PC.

Hit the gas and get ready to tackle unpredictable, dynamic weather conditions in a competition which is unique in its genre. From sun to heavy rain, every change will decisively influence the rider’s visibility and the highly-deformable ground, putting even the most expert player to the test. And it is the ground which provides the greatest challenge: mud, dust and dynamic deformations will be the master of all, while the sounds of engines running at full throttle, souped up with a brand new engine, merge with the ambient noise of chainsaws.

There will be an all-new career mode, enhanced customization, and more options as well. No release date has been announced other than Spring, but we should learn more shortly. MXGP3 will release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC