[Watch] Learn Samus’ Mission and the Tools Available to Her in Metroid: Samus Returns

Learn everything you need to know before September 15.

Metroid: Samus Returns was announced at E3 this year, a fitting title for a revived franchise. It's a traditional side-scrolling Metroid adventure, but with plenty of changes to update the formula. The video below showcases the story and all the changes added to Samus' adventure and return to handheld gaming.

It starts with story exposition:

It follows with new mechanics, skills, tools and more. It also shows new Amiibo for the game and explains what they do in-game. 

The game is coming to Nintendo 3DS on September 15. The game also launches along side a custom 3DS XL. There's also a sneak peak at 15 minutes of gameplay for those who can't wait.

A return to Samus' roots is definitely welcome as a reminder of what made Metroid possible. Metroid Prime 4 is also in the works for Nintendo Switch.