[Watch] King Ghidora hinted in new promo for the ‘Kong: Skull Island’ DVD release

Are the origins of the legendary beasts being revealed?

King Ghidora has been hinted in the latest promo footage for the DVD release of 'Kong: Skull Island'.

For those of you following Legendary Pictures' "Monsterverse", then you've likely already seen both 2014's Godzilla and this year's Kong: Skull Island. The movies are set to eventually coincide when the pair clash in 2020 for the ultimate battle of the beasts in 'Godzilla vs King Kong'. Until that epic battle comes to be, the sequel to 'Godzilla' is next on the docket.

If your Marvel instincts kicked in for the end of 'Kong', then you likely remembered to stay after the credits for the set-up to the rest of the universe. Following the research of the covert government group known only as "Monarch", we discovered that Godzilla would be squaring off against not one, but three monsters from his classic era: Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidora.

In a recent promo for the upcoming DVD release of 'Kong', Legendary Pictures unveiled some classified intel on the discovery of one of these monsters. The information implies one of them is hidden beneath the Antarctic ice, with a footnote that reads, "The Devil has three heads":

Kong: Skull Island releases on DVD and Bluray July 18th!