[Watch] Here’s the first Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer [Update: Awesome International trailer included]

Yes please!

We've been hearing about how fun and refreshing Spider-Man: Homecoming will be for months, but now we have our first lengthy look at the film! In this two-minute and sixteen-second long trailer, we see a number of things including Vulture, Zendaya's character (who is clearly not Mary Jane), Liz Alan, Iron Man and Spidey in action, and much more.

It looks like Spider-Man will be pushed to his limits to protect those he loves while still trying to balance his regular life and impress Tony Stark. This also seems to confirm that Spider-Man will not directly punch anyone but will instead use his webs and quick reflexes to take down foes. As stated by Tom Holland, Michael Keaton's Vulture does indeed look to be quite intense and will prove to be a threat for both Spider-Man and Iron Man.

Take a look at the action-packed trailer below.


International Trailer: