[Watch] Grand Theft Auto VR Looks Like A Nightmare of Fun

Steven Ogg AKA Trevor teaches us the ways of a would-be GTA VR

Have you ever wanted to play Grand Theft Auto 5 in VR? Initially, that sounds terrifying. Trevor is already a grungy, dirty guy, who wants to get that close to him? But would it still be fun? How would it work?

With the power of bleeding edge techology, packed into a set of VR goggles, this young man is teleported to a wonderland of guns, theft and gross stufffed animals. This is when his tutorial assistant comes in to show him how it's done… Trevor. Steven Ogg pulls his sweaty tshirt and sweatpants just for us, to teach us the ways of GTA VR and to perhaps show us that it may not be as great as we thought.

Watch Trevor make us think twice about getting too close to the Grand Theft Auto world.