[Watch] First footage for WWE 2K18 on Nintendo Switch surfaces

So much for marketing...

WWE 2K18 came out in October for a few different consoles but the previously announced Nintendo Switch version was nowhere to be found. After many weeks of silence and almost zero details regarding the portable version of the game, we now have first footage of the game running on a Nintendo Switch… granted it's not from 2K Games.

Some copies have begun popping up in retailers and some folks have gotten their hands on it and posted gameplay. It looks like it has definitely taken a hit in the graphics department but it's still great to see the popular wrestling system on Nintendo's newest platform.

You can view 15 minutes of WWE 2K18 gameplay running on Nintendo Switch down below.

WWE 2K18 is out now on Xbox One and PS4, the Switch version has no announced release date but given the fact copies are popping up at retailers, it must be within the next week or two. You can read our review of the game here.