[Watch] Extinction releases its first Gameplay Trailer showcasing the invasion of titanic armored orcs

Only you can stop the orcs.

Just ahead of E3 2017, Killer Instinct developer Iron Galaxy revealed its new game, Extinction, a fast-paced action game where players step into the shoes of a lone sentinel tasked with defending humanity from an onslaught of giant orcs. Earlier today, the developer released the first gameplay trailer (embedded above) and shows off a glimpse of the high-speed traversal across the game's interactive environment.

Players will be able to move great distances very quickly, hopping across rooftops and scaling the walls of buildings to reach their target. Each ogre is also its own puzzle as the methods of climbing them and disassembling their armor is never the same. Ogres limbs can grow back if players aren't fast enough, and the only way to make sure an ogre stays down is if its head is cut off.

If, for example, an enemy has spiked armor, touching it will do damage to the player. So to get around it, they must get the ogre to smash into the ground, which in turn, breaks the armor. 

Extinction will release sometime in 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.