[Watch] Expert Pokemon Sun and Moon player masterfully sets up a lowly Cosmog for a legendary sweep

It took some doing...

I wish I were this good at Pokemon, but sometimes greatness is better left witnessed. The YouTuber known as Pimpnite (amazing name) recently posted a video of themselves in an online battle. While this isn't anything unusual Pimpnite executed a plan that set up a Cosmog, the new lovable Magikarp of legendaries for a sweep against a team of Pokemon way more powerful than it, which included a Starter, legendaries, and Ultra Beasts. In layman's terms, Cosmog should never have stood a chance.

Obviously, the weakling legendary stands no chance on its own. It took the help of double Toxic Spikes for advanced Poisoning, several Physical and Special Defense boosts from Iron Defense and Amnesia (respectively), Leftovers and Ingrain to heal, as well as a Baton Pass to transfer the stat increases to come out victorious. All of these moves had to be performed by other Pokemon as Cosmog is only able to use Teleport and Splash, neither of which do anything in battle.

Pimpnite explains that it took several tries to get right and that he was facing a rookie trainer, but considering the Pokemon that the rookie threw out, it's still quite a feat. 

Source: [YouTube via Mobile & Apps]