Watch Episode 9 of The Tommy Wi-Show … Do It for TW

I apologize for not reporting on this pivotal piece of gaming news three days ago when it surfaced, but the newest episode of The Tommy Wi-Show has just landed on YouTube. Personally, I'm a bit upset that it's no longer a weekly thing, but if that means the episodes will be top quality productions like they've been recently, I'm all for it. In the latest episode, TW tries his hand at … Dark Souls!

I'm currently playing through Demon's Souls myself, but I am aware that Dark Souls is still pretty damn tough. So how will TW, the baddest man in video games, fare as he steps up to the challenge? Will he conquer Dark Souls?

If you've watched The Tommy Wi-Show in the past, you'll be pretty familiar with how TW plays games. Surprisingly, though, he actually doesn't do as bad this time around. And considering that he's playing Dark Souls, that's pretty impressive!

But we mostly watch The Tommy Wi-Show to hear TW's hilarious commentary, and this episode doesn't disappoint. From his constant laughing to his use of the word "basturr," TW's on fire as he plays Dark Souls. But don't take my word for it, check out the episode on YouTube and see just why The Tommy Wi-Show is quite possibly the hottest video game show on the internet.