[Watch] Double Dragon 4 Continues the Series in Classic NES Graphics

Double Dragon returns in a classic and memorable way for PC and PlayStation 4

Besides Double Dragon Neon, the wonderful reboot of the original Double Dragon, we haven't heard much in the way of the Beat-em-up duo. Now, as if out of nowhere, the story from the NES series continues in a very familiar way.

Instead of using the same assets developed by WayForward Technologies for  Double Dragon Neon, this new entry is made up entirely of sprites reminiscent of the NES games. Everything looks like the old series, from the animations, the fighting, and even the discoloration. The brothers have a pink tinge to them instead of their actual skin color because originally the NES could only render a certain amount of colors at a time.

The new game picks up after the elimination of the Shadow Warriors in Double Dragon 2. Why Double Dragon 2 and not Double Dragon 3? We're not quite sure, but it may be due to their graphical choices and the fact that Double Dragon 3 was a bit of a departure from the original two.

The game is due out for digital release on January 30, 2017.