Watch Dogs will be a ‘hands-off demo’ at PAX East

Earlier today, Ubisoft announced its lineup of games for PAX East, confirming a new "never-before-seen" demo of Watch Dogs. Unfortunately, that demo will be more of a hands-off presentation, once again denying media and, in this case, the general public hands on time with the game prior to its release.

Of all the games Ubisoft will be showcasing at the event, Watch Dogs was the only one in which the company failed to mention "hands on" time with the game. So we reached out to the company, and a representative confirmed to us that it is indeed a "hands-off demo." 

Here's the official description Ubisoft originally provided for the game's appearance at PAX East:

PAX East attendees who visit the Watch Dogs area will be treated to a never-before-seen demo of the game. Visitors can also immerse themselves in an eye-opening Watch Dogs experience that lets fans see themselves through the lens of a hacker and get a look at how they could potentially be targeted. Fans pre-ordering the game on site will receive a free Watch Dogs T-shirt.

For a game due out just about a month after PAX East (May 27th) this is particularly worrisome, especially since hands-on time with the game has been so limited. Ubisoft showing off the game in a controlled environment at PAX may calm some fears of downgraded graphics (following the most recent trailer), but will do little in terms of giving us a sense for how it controls. I think both are equally important given the skepticism surrounding this game following the delays.