Watch Dogs looks ‘absolutely identical’ on PS4 and Xbox One, says animation director

At a recent Ubisoft-hosted event, we went hands-on with the PS4 version of Watch Dogs. While we agree that the graphics have been somewhat downgraded from what we first saw at E3, they still look pretty darn good on PS4, which also just so happened to be the only version playable at the press event. Does that mean the Xbox One version is inferior? Not exactly.

"We have a partnership with Sony to promote this game. That's why we're here showing it this way," Ubisoft's animation director Colin Graham explained of the Xbox One version's absence.

"The Xbox One version is good," he added. "I check it on the floor a lot. Animation-wise it's identical, absolutely identical. I know people talk about that a lot… But I can't tell the difference when I go on the floor."

"I have to look at the consoles because the TVs make a bigger difference in terms of what you see on somebody's machine. Is it calibrated correctly? Is it the resolution of the TV? Which kind of TV is it? I actually can't tell the difference on those two [consoles]," he added. "As far as I can see they're identical."

"And on the assets side where we work, they're absolutely identical. It's completely transparent to us. The only difference is the icon on the screen."

So far, Ubisoft has only confirmed that the PS4 version of Watch Dogs will run in "full HD" 1080p. The Xbox One version's native resolution remains a mystery, though rumors suggest it may run at 960p. Regardless of resolution, our hands-on time with Watch Dogs has renewed our faith in the game. Check out all of our previews below.