Watch Dogs Legion will let you play as any NPC, Confirmed London setting

Leaky leaky

How do you know the E3 season is incoming? Of course, game leaks, and none other than one of the most notorious game companies to have their eggs spilled before the intended date is once again Ubisoft. This time, it’s not their fault however as Amazon UK presumably took an early shoot and listed the newest Watch Dogs game all with the game’s description and location.

First up, the game won’t be called Watch Dogs 3 but instead is titled Watch Dogs Legion. Legion of course, is a name real-world anonymous hackers like to call themselves, so it’s fair to say that once again the underground illegal world of cyber crimes is going to be the main theme. Just as Kotaku writer and industry insider Jason Schreier alluded to two months ago, Watch Dogs Legion will take place in modern day London. A nice change of scenery after the first two games which were set in the USA. But there are new details in this new leak which Schreier commented on and confirmed to match with his sources.

The Amazon leak now also goes further into the game’s concrete setting.We learn that Legion’s London is going to be in post-Brexit Britain. This marks yet another Ubisoft game which aims to integrate real world event in some form into their games.

The real kicker in this leak isn’t the existence of a new Watch Dogs game or even that it will be set in London. That much was known. Indeed, it’s an ambitious new gameplay mechanic which is supposedly going to enable users to take control of any NPC you recruit. This sounds really fascinating and is a mechanic which has very rarely been seen in gaming. Coupled with a large open-world and the Watch Dogs-specific electronic voyeurism, and we can already imagine tense gameplay moments where we jump from one player character into the other. Similar to GTAV.