Watch Dogs’ Digital Shadow is both awesome and creepy

Companies can learn a lot about an individual based on the information we put online. Don't believe me? Check out Ubisoft's newly created website, Digital Shadow, a viral website that ties in to the company's upcoming action-adventure hacking game Watch Dogs. It'll make you rethink your entire life and the things you share online.

Inspired by Watch Dogs' focus on hacking and living in a "connected world," the website links to your Facebook account and generates a slew of information based on what it can find. Things like "what makes you tick" and contacts that can be "mined" for further information about you are on full display. It knows when you're most vulnerable, where you've been, and who you care about. It's both amazing and terrifying how much data can be mined based solely on your Facebook. Granted, not all of the information is 100% accurate, but it's a pretty good eye opener. And a fun tie-in to the highly anticipated game.


Check out what kind of digital shadow you've created for yourself.