Watch Dogs 2 seamless multiplayer is live now after patch

on PS4, Xbox One goes live overnight

After launching with some malfunctions in the seamless multiplayer, Watch Dogs 2 now has a functional online component on PS4 according to Ubisoft.

The Xbox One activation will go live some time overnight due to the patch integration, but it will include a number of updates that should have been included when the game launched on Tuesday. Ubisoft will monitor it live to see if there are any issues, but the main new features will include the following. 

  • Hack into a rival hacker's world
  • Find targets for Bounty Hunts or trigger a bounty on themselves

The development team will monitor the online stability of the seamless multiplayer features and should everything continue to run smoothly, the additional elements and final phase of seamless multiplayer will be deployed: Nearby bounty targets and Prime_Eight rivals will join the player’s world for them to hunt down and hack without going through the Multiplayer App in the smartphone.

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