[Watch] Doctor Strange promo shows off Cloak of Levitation in action

This keeps looking better and better.

A new promo clip in the Doctor Strange hype train has been released by Marvel, and this time it is the Cloak of Levitaion. One of his three main weapons, we finally get to see the Cloak in action with Doctor Strange flying and fighting on its own. This, of course, is in addition to the reveal of Dormammu in the film as well. 

The Cloak of Levitation, for those unfamiliar, is a magical cloak that can fly on its own, fight on its own and even be commanded to retrieve items out of Doctor Strange's reach. Of course, it can simply wrap up enemies as well. The other two weapons he relies on are the Eye of Agamotto and Book of Vishanti. The Eye is an amulet he wears allowing instant recollection of spells, while the Book contains defensive spells and is indestructible. 

With Doctor Strange releasing this Friday, November 4th in the U.S., it's shaping up to be a great film so far.