[Watch] DiRT Rally PSVR update out now with new co-op feature

Let a friend take the wheel as well

Codemasters released the update for DiRT Rally on PS4 today and it comes with a brand new feature in co-op drivers.

Every game mode within DiRT Rally is playable as the driver in VR including rallycross and hill climb. In addition, the new Co-Driver Mode means that on the rally stages a second player can become engrossed in the action as they use the buttons and touchpad on a DS 4 to give the pace note calls to the driver from the social screen. Timing and accuracy are vital, just like in real life, in order for you to complete the stage in the best time possible.

Those who own the game can pick up the VR upgrade add-on for £9.99, but you can pick up the entire game brand new for £39.99. Both are available now on the PlayStation Store. You can check out the new VR update below.