[Watch] Destiny’s Festival of the Lost allows players to unlock a broom sparrow, here’s how to find it

Yeah....like a witch's broom

Halloween is just about upon us, and Destiny's Festival of the Lost event has returned for another round. One of the coolest hidden goodies this year is a sparrow in the shape of a witch's broom. Hidden is the optimum word here because this is more of a case of whether you happen to notice the edge of some bristles hanging off a crate in the depths of The Tower near the back of the bar.

Don't worry it's pretty easy to miss.

The Lost Broom, as it is called, is a limited time use Sparrow with a speed of 160, which is pretty nice. Unfortunately, The Lost Broom will disappear from your inventory at the conclusion of The Festival of the Lost on November 8th, so make use of it while you can.

Source: [YouTube via GamesRadar]