[Watch] Deleted Justice League footage leaks online; Confirms rumored scenes

The rumors are true...

There have been a lot of scenes rumored to have been on the cutting room floor for Justice League but there wasn't really any way to confirm those rumors. Thanks to someone on the inside, an anonymous person who also leaked shots from the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War trailer has leaked a number of brief unfinished scenes from Justice League.

None of these can be found in the final film and they're missing sound and most of their special effects but it paints a picture of a different movie with a number of plot lines that didn't make the final product. One of the scenes even confirms a scene (Flash saving Iris West from a car accident) that was never officially talked about but was rumored to have existed. This leaked footage not only confirms that scene's existence but also the other scenes that were within that same rumor simply because it verifies the legitimacy of the rumor. You can view two of them below.

JL6 from ascension on Vimeo.

JL1 from ascension on Vimeo.

Justice League is out now and it looks like it may end up being the biggest box office disappointment in all of comic-book movie history.