[Watch] Deadlight/Rime developer reveals new character for upcoming game, The Sexy Brutale

Meet Reginald Sixpence aka 'The Clockwork Baron'

Even while they are currently working on Rime (yes, they are still working on it), Tequila Works is also in the midst of co-developing a little game called The Sexy Brutale with Cavalier Game Studios. The Sexy Brutale is described as a 3D Puzzle/Adventure where players take part in "a never-ending masked ball featuring intrigue, murder and the quite possibly occult."

If you're wondering what exactly a "Sexy Brutale" is, it's the name of the casino mansion where the game takes place. The utilizes a time-loop mechanic, where players must re-live the same murder over and over again to gradually unearth clues, save the life of every person attending the ball, and end the loop.

Here's a full feature list per The Sexy Brutale's official fact sheet:

  • Never ending “Groundhog Day” looping time gameplay, creating a unique way for players to engage with concurrent stories freely.
  • Spy, eavesdrop and hide to learn each individual narrative playing out across the mansion.
  • Intriguing murder mystery puzzles to be solved through investigation and deduction.
  • The mansion forms a fully interlocked “clockwork” world that ultimately tells one grand, twisting story. 
  • A colorful and varied cast of characters and a stylish art direction make The Sexy Brutale a unique-looking game.

Will you be able to save poor Reginald?