Watch cyber-attacks occur live with HoneyMap

This is the sort of webpage duel monitors was designed for.  HoneyMap live updates the locations around the world which cyber-attacks are coming from and sometimes who they are targeting with beautiful visualizations.  There is a world map, blinking yellow and red lights, a live feed, yes – it’s got everything you need for your viewing pleasure.

This site is put together via the Honeynet Project which is a volunteer non-profit organization which strongly opposes global security threats and malware; how vigilante of them.  Red dots on the map represent locations where attackers are working from and the yellow dots represent locations being attacked.  Are you somewhere safe?  Are you a hacker?  No attacks ever seem to happen in Australia…

So if watching cyber-attacks occur live is your thing, LOOK no further than HoneyMap HERE.          

[Gizmodo via HoneyMap]

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