[Watch] Check out this leaked footage of the Nintendo Switch

Check out that buttery smooth UI!

The Nintendo Switch is about two weeks away from release but someone has gotten their hands on an early unit. NeoGAF user hiphoptherobot revealed that an unnamed store just randomly shipped him his pre-order early but didn't include any games so all he can do is just mess around with the menu

Luckily hiphoptherobot was kind enough to share a video showing off the menus since Nintendo doesn't seem to really want to for some reason. The video shows us what you'll see when you turn the unit on for the first time and what the settings look like. The console looks to be pretty smooth and responsive, so don't worry about clunky menus! The menus are sort of what you expect but for those that like some of those small little details, there's some new information revealed.

For example, you can see what the system's memory will be AFTER you account for the space the OS takes up. The system has 32 GBs of memory but after the OS it's about 26 GBs. You can also create or customize a Mii from the settings menu.

The video demonstrates the ability to switch between the JoyCon controllers and the touch screen on the fly, simply just touch the screen to press any button or use the controller like you normally would!

You can also change the layout of the JoyCon controllers via a settings menu. Players will also be able to put the tablet into "sleep mode" when not using it to prevent it from killing the battery when carrying it around while not playing it. You can view the video below!

The Nintendo Switch releases March 3rd, 2017.