[Watch] Battleborn Now Has a Free Trial That May As Well Say It’s Free-to-Play

On the plus side, now's the time to finally try Battleborn.

Gearbox's Battleborn didn't have the jubilation that the popular developer had hoped. Being vastly overshadowed by Overwatch, the game, unfortunately, didn't stand a chance. That isn't to say it's a bad game, however, but they were hard pressed to convince people to buy two competitive class-based shooter games. But now, that may not be much of a problem with their new free trial.

Right out the gate, this free trial is more of a free-to-play model phrased as a trial. The free trial includes unlimited competitive multiplayer play and includes access to all modes and a rotating roster of free heroes. Much like League of Legends, these available heroes will rotate every week. If you like a hero enough, you can buy them with slowly accrued in-game currency, or just out-right buy them with Platinum premium currency.

There's also a new mode called Supercharge, which we currently have limited information on aside from its arrival being slated for June 22. 

Battleborn may yet find its stride in this Not-Free-To-Play-But-Totally-Free-To-Play model they've gone for. Will this convince you to pick it up?