[Watch] Alone in the Dark creator’s upcoming game, 2Dark gets new gameplay trailer

Can you save the children?

Alone in the Dark series creator, Frédérick Raynal is about to unleash his latest creation, 2Dark onto the world. But before that happens, 2Dark has gotten an all-new gameplay trailer showcasing the stealthier aspects of the game. 2Dark is a 2-D Survival Horror game starring Mr. Smith, a former detective who sets out on a quest to find his children after his wife is murdered.

As it turns out, his aren't the only children who have gone missing as a string of child kidnappings has engulfed the once perfect city of Gloomywood. As the rest of the town's denizens try to ignore what is happening, Mr. Smith takes it upon himself to face the deranged psychopaths in the seediest parts of the game's world.

2Dark releases on March 10th, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.