[WATCH] A Modder has managed to turn a Wii U into a Windows 10 PC that emulates Wii U games

That's one way to re-use an old Wii U.

With the Nintendo Switch taking over the limelight, Nintendo has all but pushed the Wii U into the rearview mirror, and for people who have made the jump, there's a good chance that the console is doing nothing but collecting dust. One modder, who goes by the name Banjo Kazooie has found a way to repurpose their old Wii U by turning it into a Windows 10 PC. 

The feat is quite impressive, and Banjo Kazooie has taken a few aesthetic liberties on top of the transformation as well, but the final product itself is something to behold.

Check it out:

On top of being able to run Windows 10, the Wii U emulator program Cemu was installed, allowing the portable PC to leverage the console's standard functionality to play the games it was originally meant to. It features a crisp Full Touch 2K LCD screen, an Intel M5 processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD, Bluetooth, WiFi, 128GB SD Card, and Battery monitoring software with an automatic shut down function.

This thing is a beast.

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