[Watch] 14 minutes of ‘The Surge’ gameplay with commentary detailing weapon crafting

Rather unique crafting system

So far we haven't seen much in the terms of gameplay for Focus Home Interactive and Deck 13's upcoming action RPG The Surge, but a new video was released today detailing the crafting and combat systems. 

In the video, featuring commentary by the developers, we see exactly how our character will upgrade his exoskeleton using parts of our enemies. The Surge features a unique combat system that lets you target individual body parts. Once your enemy is defeated, you can remove those parts and place them onto your suit in order to upgrade it. 

The Surge will see players navigate the CREO laboratory in an attempt to figure out what went wrong during your exo skeleton experiment. At CREO, you will meet survivors who need help or who can offer assistance. Accepting missions can yield extra rewards, but you will have to balance that against your desire to go deeper into the complex, as the stakes grow ever higher – once dropped, your tech scrap will diminish over time.

Certain areas will require suits of a certain power, forcing you to return to levels later in the game and increase replayability. Face the dangers of CREO and set your own challenges. Accept missions, learn more about CREO’s history and lore, and fight the various mini-bosses scattered throughout the environment, or play it safe and struggle to survive – it’s up to you.

The Surge releases on Xbox One, PS4 and PC this May with no exact release date yet. Be sure to keep up with the official site for details as well.