Wasteland 2 comes to Steam Early Access tomorrow

Back in March 2013, we got a chance to talk to Brian Fargo about his latest project, Wasteland 2. For those unfamiliar, Wasteland 2 will be a sequel to the fan favorite, Wasteland, and has raised nearly $3 million on Kickstarter.

Turns out fans won't have to wait that long to get their hands on the early parts of Wasteland 2, as the game heads into Steam's Early Access program starting tomorrow. While backers of the Kickstarter were able to enter the beta of the game on Wednesday, Steam's Early Access version will allow late backers to help fund the game while simultaneously getting to try it out firsthand.

The beta will consist of the first four major areas of the game and some minor maps, along with the character creation, world map travel and random encounters. Beta players can look forward to more areas to be added as the game progresses in development.

It's no surprise that Brian Fargo is excited to finally put his beloved game in the hands of gamers, stating:

“It is hard to believe that after 20 years we’re finally at a place where we can get Wasteland 2 into the hands of our backers, it is has been quite a road to get here. The possibility of Wasteland 2 even entering production looked like it was over until Kickstarter appeared and allowed us to finally make this game together with our fans. And now we’ll continue the process of making the game with them.”