Warrior Epic Officially Launches Today

May 19, 2009


With a Unique Warrior Spirit
System, Intense Session-Based Missions and Extensive Customization Features, the
Battle in Providence is Ready to Begin at

True Games, an international
publisher of multi-player online games today announces the official launch of
its highly anticipated title Warrior Epic. Following a successful closed beta,
the online action role-playing game set in an original fantasy universe has seen
its community soar. With the official release, players are invited to join the
battle and download the game at no charge from

"During the closed beta, we worked
closely with the community to deliver an immersive and challenging game play
experience." said Bob Drobish, CEO of True Games Interactive. "Now as we pull
the trigger on the launch of the game, our development team is committed to
continuing to deliver new and exciting content as our community continues to

With the official launch of Warrior
Epic, the game’s item shop is now open and features premium packages as well as
a vast selection of unique items for sale including vanity pieces, potions and

Other major launch updates include a
brand new introductory sequence which introduces new players to the story and
lore behind Warrior Epic, as well as a Random Map Generator that allows players
playing the same quest to participate within a totally new dungeon therefore
enhancing the re-playability. In addition, an all-new guild system gives players
the chance to create their own guild, invite members, create a guild motto and
host guild contests and tournaments. With all-new and enhanced skills added to
each of the six main classes, combined with subclasses, that gives players 12
character classes in-all.

Developed by Austin based studio
Possibility Space, Warrior Epic is an online, action role-playing game set in an
original fantasy universe.

In the game, players will assume
command of a Warrior Hall from which they manage their characters’ adventures.
They can recruit from a wide array of Warrior Classes, each with its own style
of play. The Classes and the Hall itself can be upgraded visually as well as

Players adventure together in
multiplayer campaigns, adventure mode, solo quests and PVP. For more
information, visit