Warren Spector apologizes for harsh comments on Wolfenstein: The New Order

Deus Ex and Epic Mickey creator Warren Spector issued a Facebook apology after his rant yesterday about the latest Bethesda game, Wolfenstein: The New Order. Spector had some harsh comments surrounding the reveal for Bethesda's new game in which he asked if "the world really needs another Wolfenstein game?"

"Did we need a generically dark, monochromatic, FPS, kill-the-Nazi-giant-robot game?" Spector asked. "Uh. No. The world did not. I am so tired of stuff like this…"

While the initial post gave off the impression of a former-developer lashing out over the failures of his own games (ie: Epic Mickey), Spector took to Facebook again to address the controversy.

"I owe the Wolfenstein team an apology. I wasn't trying to diss you or your game. I have total respect for anyone making a game," Spector apologized. "I know how hard it is… And to everyone who pointed out that I didn't know enough about the game to judge, well, you were right. Consider this my mea culpa."

He went on to say that the motivations for his original post was not that of a "bitter" developer. "I don't consider them failures. They're the two best-selling games I've worked on! And whether you liked either game or not, I liked them (imperfect though they were) and I've got a ton of fanmail that says lots of other people liked them, too," he said.

Although he apologized to the team working on Wolfenstein, Spector stands by his original words. "I really believe there is too little variety in games today.

"Though I was wrong to take out general frustrations on an individual game and on a single team, I'll stand by my overall statement about lack of variety and innovation in mainstream gaming. I was simply expressing, once again, my long-held belief that we make too many shooters, lots of which look, sound and feel like basically the same game dressed up in different clothes. I've been saying that for years – it's nothing new. Wolfenstein got in the line of fire, but I've been shooting at this target for a long time."

Despite the criticism Spector may face for his comments and, more importantly, the Epic Mickey franchise, I honestly believe he's guy that truly cares about the gaming industry. As someone who has spoken to him before, you can just sense the creative passion that emits from him. And I believe his original comments, as brunt as they were, were something the industry really needs to think about moving forward.

For what it's worth, we thought the trailer for Wolfenstein was pretty cool… You can watch it below.