Warframe’s Platinum gets discounted on PlayStation Store

Get your platinum on

When it comes to free-to-play games you can count one thing, there will be a way for you to buy things with real money and you will always be fighting the urge to buy those things.

You might have a platinum will (see what I did there?), but there's always a way to get you to bend.

The PlayStation Store has a variety of Platinum and Mod bundles on sale for the PlayStation 4's free-to-play game Warframe. The original prices aren't listed, but I went ahead and listed the sale out for you below. 

Here's a direct link to the sale, you can get your Platinum on faster that way.

Without further ado, here are the items on sale:

3210 Platinum + Mods

  • $112.49

2100 Platinum + Mods

  • $74.99

75 Platinum

  • $3.99

1000 Platinum + Mod

  • $37.49

170 Platinum

  • $7.49

370 Platinum

  • $14.99

[PlayStation Store]