Warframe has a Flappy Bird easter egg

Since the removal of Flappy Bird from the iTunes and Google Play stores, there's been a number of spin-offs and clones. From an MMO to a Fall Out Bird, just about everyone has attempted to capitalize on the painfully simple, yet brutally difficult game.

While there's been a few fun takes on Flappy Bird, none beats that of Digital Extremes' attempt to recreate the game in Warframe, a cooperative free-to-play third person action game.

By simply logging in with the account "Flappy" and password "Bird" you can access the easter egg and enjoy the Flappy Warframe minigame. All of the original game's rules apply. That is, you guide a character through a series of pillars and try to avoid them by tapping. That's about it.

The Flappy Warframe minigame is available on the PC version, but we haven't yet loaded it up on PS4.

[Thanks Jeff