Warframe celebrates 1 Year Anniversary with free weapons

It's crazy how time flies when you're having fun destroying your enemies as a futuristic cyborg ninja. A year has passed since Digital Extremes officially launched Warframe upon the world, and the game has already undergone numerous content updates that not only added new modes, but also new Warfranes.

And even though the PS4 version wasn't there since the beginning, it will still be celebrating the Anniversary by giving players a free weapon, pictured above. Players just need to log in to the game before April 21st. During the Anniversary, players will also be able to buy the Excalibur Proto-Armor skin for a limited time, ending on April 21st.

PC players have already been treated to the fantastic Update 13: Dark Sectors, which adds a new Waframe, Hydroid, a completely new Melee system, new weapons and new skins. This update will be launching on the PS4 very soon as well.