Warface debuts official gameplay trailer

Trion and Crytek released the official Warface trailer today. Warface is one of three first-person shooters that Crytek is developing and is promised to be a AAA shooter game for the PC that offers good graphics for anyone. The game itself offers both player versus player (PVP) and player versus environment (PVE). Warface is the first, first-person shooter that provides daily missions for PVE and a growing amount of PVP missions.

Warface is going to be free to play, making it available to anyone that owns a computer and is a fan of shooters. The game has co-op missions and is frequently updated offering new things to users often. You can sign up for their Closed Beta test today. Many details haven't been revealed about the game itself, other than what is promised on their site. In lieu of that, I'm sure that sometime during E3 we will hear more about the game.

Enjoy the trailer below.