War Leaders approaching Beta status

September 30, 2007

WAR LEADERS: clash of nations,
the game many strategy fans have been waiting for is soon to be Beta!!!

Assume the role of one of the major
historical characters of WWII, and lead your nation to victory with the help of
your allies, or go even beyond and conquer the world, or change the course of
History! RTS War Leaders: clash of nations is a game with additional turn-based
MANAGER part with construction of armies, development of technology,
establishment of diplomatic and trading agreements, etc…, combined with
dramatic and visually amazing RTS battles, with hundreds of units in wonderful
landscapes staged all around the world with very innovative game mechanics. War
Leaders is the most complete WWII game ever.

The licensing Company Schanz
International Consultants is pleased to release a rush of new screens.
The game will be published by The Games Company in German territories, by MicroApp in French territories, by Atari in Eastern Europe and Taiwan, Akella in
Russian territories and Zoo in Japan. Publishers in remaining territories will
soon be announced.

War Leaders: Clash of Nations PC screenshots

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War Leader Screen Shots.


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