War in the Pacific: Admiral’s Edition Now Available!

July 27, 2009

War in the Pacific: Admiral’s Edition Now Available!  Announcing
the Victory at Sea Sale!

long-awaited sequel to the legendary WWII Pacific monster strategy game is now
available and it comes along with a three month sale on other 2by3 Games Pacific

Matrix Games 2by3 Games and
Henderson Field Designs are thrilled to announce that the highly anticipated
sequel to the legendary wargame War in the Pacific is now available!
 Many additional man-years of development from a dedicated and experienced team
including subject matter experts and experienced programmers has resulted in an
improved War in the Pacific experience across the board. This is the
entire War in the Pacific down to individual aircraft, vehicles, ships,
guns and squads – more than just a game, it’s an encyclopedia of the war
compiled from many sources to an unmatched level of detail. Add in a much
improved AI and more secure PBEM play and you have the makings of a new classic!

To coincide with the War
in the Pacific
release, we are also announcing a three month “Victory at Sea
Sale” which offers the other 2by3 Pacific wargames at a reduced price.

War in the Pacific:

Admiral’s Edition is a stand-alone release which does not require
ownership of War in the Pacific.
The Admiral’s Edition installation process will not overwrite original
War in the Pacific
files, but instead the expansion installs along side the
original installation of the game and runs as a separate game.

Owners of War in the
are entitled to a limited time $20 discount on War in the
Pacific: Admiral’s Edition
This offer will expire three months after the release of Admiral’s Edition.  
To get your discount, you will need your original War in the Pacific
serial number.  You can trade it in for discount code at this link:

.  Note that each serial number
is good for one discount code and once the code is retrieved, the serial number
is considered used.  So read the instructions on the discount code page
carefully and don’t lose your code!  We encourage all War in the Pacific
owners to take advantage of this discount while it lasts.

The ”Victory at Sea Sale”
will also last for three months after the Admiral’s Edition release

and offers the following discounts: War in the Pacific is $20 off the
normal price ($49.99 instead of $69.99), Uncommon Valor is $10 off the
normal price ($19.99 instead of $29.99) and War Plan Orange is $10 off
the normal price ($34.99 instead of $44.99).  Whether you’re looking to complete
your collection or you’re a new wargamer trying to get your feet wet before
jumping into the Admiral’s Edition, there’s never been a better time to
pick up these releases!

David Heath, Director of
Operations at Matrix Games, said “We’d like to thank Henderson Field Designs for
their enormous effort and tireless dedication to the War in the Pacific:
Admiral’s Edition
project.  Whether you’re a hardcore fan playing War in
the Pacific
every day or you’re interested in finding out what all the buzz
has been about – Admiral’s Edition will deliver quality and immersive
gameplay at a level of detail and realism you can’t get anywhere else!  A
warning though, this is a very advanced wargame and not for the faint of heart!”

The individual features and
improvements to Admiral’s Edition are far too numerous to mention
in total in this announcement, but the highlights alone should grab the
attention of any War in the Pacific fan.

The Entire War in the
Pacific on One Map! –

If you thought the original
map was something to behold, wait until you see the new one!   Completely redone
to a 40 nautical mile per hex scale (instead of the original 60 mile per hex
scale) and with the original distance distortions and inaccuracies greatly
reduced, this is the most accurate and most stunning map of the theater ever
created.  In addition, the smaller scale has allowed us to add a number of
important bases that would not fit in the larger scale, but which played a key
role in the strategy of various operations.  On top of that, Admiral’s
now has off-map movement through map edge boxes representing major
bases across the world, allowing more realistic movement of Allied assets and
arrival of reinforcements and resources.

The War At Sea –

A waypoint system has now
been added for Task Force movement, with up to three waypoints possible.  These
can also be used to define a patrol zone with loiter times.  Waypoints can also
be used for automated convoys along with a “return same route” option, making
setting up your supply routes easier than ever.  Task Force Movement is now
handled on a hex by hex basis, with mid-ocean intercepts now possible!  Many
additional ship classes have been added and the entire naval order of battle has
been overhauled with new ships, new subs (including midget subs for the
Japanese) and new devices.


The entire upgrade system is
now much more capable, allowing conversion of ships between classes as well as
multiple upgrade levels (for example, a US Navy four stack destroyer can now
convert to APD, AVD, DM or DMS, as the player wishes).  Ports have also been
reworked to allow for realistic limits for ability to handle ships, cargo and
repairs, with much more control given to the player on how repairs are managed
(especially at shipyards).

Shore bombardment, landing
craft, major and minor ship damage, Engine vs. System damage, brand new ship art
and improved task force and ship displays are just some of the many additional

The War in the Air –
The air combat, pilot
replacement and training systems of the original War in the Pacific have
all been revisited and improved for the Admiral’s Edition.  CAP is now partly in
the air and partly scrambled, based on your CAP percentage, radar, climb rate,
HQs and other factors.  Fighters now have new more realistic air combat ratings,
with maneuver adjusted based on altitude bands and top speed factored into
relative maneuver calculations, to allow both styles of air combat to have their
due.  The end result is a better simulation of the historical matchups and less
of the “uber CAP” that could happen in the original release.

top of that, plane damage is now tracked across turns and each plane type is
assigned a service rating which affects the difficulty of keeping that plane
repaired, maintained and in the air.  In addition to ops losses, perpetually
damaged planes can now become “write offs” with their parts scavenged to make
other planes operational.  Operational losses overall are now at a higher, more
realistic level for the Pacific theater.  Fog of war also now applies to the
indicator for enemy planes at a base as well and air balance and bomber/escort
assignment depends on what you actually know of the enemy’s air power.

Pilots are now rated in a
dozen different skill levels and can no longer gain the equivalent of combat
experience by flying non-combat missions.  Combined with a much more realistic
multi-pool pilot training and reserve system, this eliminates certain balance
loopholes that could cause unrealistic training rates.

Barrage balloons, blimps,
over 500 airplane types, new aircraft art, more realistic coordination limits,
configurable resize for squadrons and tracking of air attack vectors for ship
flak are some of the many additional improvements!

The War on Land –
From the original War
in the Pacific’s
eight terrain types, the Admiral’s Edition now has
up to sixteen and transportation is now handled based on hex-sides rather than
hexes, allowing for realistic land movement rates.  A new dynamic hex-side and
hex zone of control system also ensures realistic control over directions of
movement and retreat.  Land units now have several modes, rather than just a few
– Combat, Movement, Strategic Movement, Reserve, Rest and Disorganized combine
to give the player more choices to make about the stance and effectiveness of
his land units.  A division in Reserve will be able to Pursue, while a Division
in Combat will be able to fight much more effectively and a division in
Strategic Movement will be able to use rail movement, for example.

Tactical movement also now
allows plotting and executing moves from any one hex to any adjacent hex –
supply routes no longer need to be followed.  Improved fog of war, limitations
on fort construction, forced withdrawals and disbands and overstacking rules for
atolls and small islands are some of the additional improvements that bring the
land combat aspect of the Admiral’s Edition to a new level!

The War at Home –
Economy and Industry
have also been improved to more accurately simulate the wartime economies, with
the addition of Light Industry and Oil Refinery centers and the removal of fuel
and supply production from Resource and Oil centers.  These changes allow for
more realistic economies while keeping the game balance at a historical level. 
Moving the arrival of some off-map resources to off-map bases, requiring them to
be transported on map also removes some issues, such as with Karachi.  The end
result is an economy that is not significantly more complex, but works more

 The Grand Campaign –
All of these
improvements will come wrapped up with a new full campaign scenario as well as
five other scenarios, ranging in size from smaller to larger, many never before
done for the War in the Pacific engine!  The new campaign and scenarios
are based on new, thorough and painstaking research to place every starting
historical land, naval and air unit where it was historically and to do the same
for reinforcements and withdrawals, to maintain a historical balance of forces. 
The new orders of battle, planes, ships and devices represent a leap forward in
realism and historicity from War in the Pacific, which set the benchmark
when it was first released.

 The Editor –

Finally, scenario and
mod-makers will rejoice at the entirely new editor, built from the ground up for
the Admiral’s Edition.  This editor significantly increases the number of
slots available for both devices and locations, has text search, auto-refresh of
units from changes TO&Es, display of art work for ships and planes, enables
editor-defined LCU breakdowns and task force contents.  It also allows viewing
of the contents of a given hex for the entire scenario being worked on
(including reinforcements).  The editor also allows you to upgrade the complete
TO&E of a unit at a specified date, which is used to good effect in the new
scenarios and campaign to allow 2-5 TO&Es for a division, for example, rather
than having to abstract those into one for the entire war.

in the Pacific: Admiral’s Edition

includes all of these great new features and improvements, along with a host of
minor fixes, while maintaining the same great gameplay and game balance that
gamers have enjoyed for years in War in the Pacific.

our first "Collector’s Edition", the boxed version also comes with a Full Color
Printed 330 page manual!

Get more information on
War in the Pacific – Admiral’s Edition
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. War in the Pacific – Admiral’s Edition is a
standalone release
and does not require War in the Pacific to
install and play.