Walmart Is Stupid

Hello, GameZone faithful. David Sanchez here. I just got back from running some errands at Walmart, and while I was there, I decided to run a little experiment. Every time I go to a retailer that sells games, I usually check the area out for deals or just look at games I can’t afford at the moment. Today, after picking up some frozen treats, I made my way over to the video game section, and what did my eyes see? Copies of Shadows of the Damned.

For those of you who may be unaware, Shadows of the Damned is set to launch tomorrow, June 21. Over the weekend, I saw the game at that very same Walmart, but I disregarded it, as my copy of the game was already in the process of being shipped to my house. Today, however, I couldn’t help myself.

I went over to the old guy running the cash register and I asked for his assistance in acquiring a game. He finished what he was doing (doesn’t the customer come first?) and then made his way to the games section. He opened up the glass door and told me to get the game. I did so, but I knew what the outcome would be. He directed me to the cash register at the photo development section, and I prepared myself for the stupidity of the Walmart corporation.

The nice lady at the cash register scanned the game, and just as I had expected, the words “DO NOT SELL” popped up where the game’s $59.99+TAX price should have appeared. The lady tried one more time but was met with the same results. She called for an associate, and I watched on as that which I predicted started to occur. The second woman took the game somewhere and came back, only to tell me that they couldn’t sell the game.

I have no idea why Shadows of the Damned was on the shelf. Retailers aren’t supposed to put any type of media on display before its official release date. This exact same thing occurred to me once before, though that time it was at Target and the game in question was the superb Super Mario Galaxy 2.

I find it completely astonishing and totally mind-blowing that Walmart, or any retailer for that matter, would put a game up before its release date. I knew what would happen, but I still felt the need to conduct my experiment. And my findings are most certainly conclusive: Walmart is stupid.