Walking Dead to re-air in black and white, true to its comic roots

The Walking Dead might be on a short break after it's heart pumping mid-season finale, but that won't stop from the first and second season from coming back to life and hungry for brains. The first season and the first half of the second season will re-air on AMC starting Thursday Feb 14th at 6:30PM.

That's right, next year's Valentines Day just got a bit bloodier. Except this time we're getting the episodes in black and white. While AMC has aired the pilot in black and white previously, they hope to bring in fans of the original comic, and tune in to watch the episodes play out, looking similarly to the black and white aesthetics of the comics.

Valentine's day will play host to the first two episodes of Season 1 starting at 6:30PM, and then switch back to the single episode format every week after that, starting at 8PM.

Will you be rewatching Rick and the gang in glorious black and white?