Wage Modern Warfare Within Minutes Of Purchase!

August 5, 2008

Three ProSIM Titles Added To
Digital Distribution!

Wage Modern Warfare Within
Minutes Of Purchase!

Modern warfare enthusiasts will be
excited to learn that Shrapnel Games has now made available for immediate
download three more titles from the undisputed masters of bringing the modern
battlefield to your desktop, the ProSIM Company. Gamers can now experience the
thrill of armor clashes in the Middle East, an airmobile assault at the top of
the world and an infantry landing at the bottom, all within minutes of purchase.
Not only that, but gamers get the best of both worlds: an immediate download to
start playing right away and a physical copy shipped quickly to your door, where
ever that door may be, all at one great price.

Joining other dual-media titles
already available for download by ProSIM are The Falklands War: 1982, The Star
and the Crescent, and ProSIM’s latest titles, Air Assault Task Force. All three
titles are available only for the Windows OS.

"We are really excited to have this
new delivery method for our games," Patrick Proctor, founder and president of
ProSIM remarked. "We take a great deal of pride in these games. Each is a
meticulously detailed recreation of the historical battles they represent. I
truly believe that they are the most realistic simulations of modern combat
commercially available. We think wargamers will agree."

Indeed. Each title has earned high
praise from fans and critics alike. Amongst some of the accolades earned by all
three The Bovine Conspiracy awarded The Star and the Crescent a choice "9", PC
Gamer rated The Falklands War: 1982 an excellent 82%, and Bill Macon of the
Wargamer called Air Assault Task Force "…a great wargame."

But don’t just take a reviewer’s
word for it! ProSIM titles are also in use around the world by professionals
such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing aerospace, defense contractors and military
organizations, and all with good reason. No other commercial titles can match
the realism of modern combat like a ProSIM title. These are not simply games,
but true simulations with all that being a simulation entails: high fidelity
weapon, equipment, and terrain modeling all using real world data, realistic AI
behavior, rewards for appropriate and accurate use of tactics, and the ability
to teach through play. Of course these are also highly entertaining games,
playable against the computer or other live opponents, in a command-time real
time setting.

While each title shares enough
similarities that familiarity with one allows a minimal learning curve for the
others (additionally by owning the latest, Air Assault Task Force, it will
upgrade previous titles to take advantage of all the new features found in that
game), each title features its own flavor and has its own focus. Picking the
right one is simply a matter of deciding what you’re looking to simulate. Of
course variety is also the spice of life so it wouldn’t hurt to pick the entire
ProSIM catalog up to satisfy those wargaming cravings that hit!

The Falklands War: 1982
examines the historical conflict between Great Britain and Argentina in 1982.
Featuring company to brigade sized units (with battalion level amphibious
landings) this is primarily an infantry battle amongst windswept hills and
flocks of sheep. Hypothetical situations are also examined, such as the effects
armor would have had on the battle. Dynamic weather and the ability to modify
troop quality before each scenario creates a high level of replayability.

The Star and the Crescent
recreates historical Arab-Israeli conflicts along with including possible future
regional conflicts. Perfect for the gamer who enjoys the clash of armor, The
Star and the Crescent has mechanized forces, close air support, extensive radar
modeling, individual buildings, and much more. Since it covers from the past to
the future gamers will also appreciate the variety of equipment found in the
game, especially since most of the regional powers tended to use a hodge-podge
collection of weapon platforms.

Air Assault Task Force is the
latest title from ProSIM and begins a new era, with a brand new interface and
many, many refinements under the hood—all of which can be retroactively applied
to earlier ProSIM titles using the ATF game engine. Air Assault Task Force is
all about airmobile and features battles from three pivotal moments in the
history of air assault: the Ia Drang valley in Vietnam, Mogadishu in Somalia,
and Shah-i- Kot valley in Afghanistan. An upgraded damage modeling system allows
individual weapon destruction and personnel injuries.

All three titles are available right
now for immediate download at the Shrapnel Games online store, the Gamers Front.
In addition to the immediate download you will also receive the physical game.
Each ProSIM title includes an extensive 100+ page manual. That’s right, a thick
hard copy manual that will remind you of what you used to always expect from
your games but has since become so rare. March over to the Gamers Front right
now to place your order by going to: