VVVVVV headed to the Nintendo 3DS Next Week

Designed by Terry Cavanagh and published by Nicalis, best known for Cave Story, VVVVVV is a mix between a puzzle and platformer. There have been numerous iterations of the game, which was first built in Adobe Flash and then released for Windows and Mac.  It was also part of Humble Indie Bundle #3 and will now be a part of Nintendo lore as its introduced to the eShop on the Nintendo 3DS next week.

VVVVVV forces you to use gravity to your advantage in some of the most henious and ridiculous obstacles players have ever seen. The obstacles will completey astound you with their genius at points while also creating a level of "What the…." that you simply must try if you've never played the game.

According to Joystiq, VVVVVV will release for $7.99 next Thursday. If you haven't played it yet, be sure to check it out on the 3DS. It is extremely challenging, but definitely a great addition to the eShop.