VU for Battlefield 3 now allows custom private servers and mods for all

An evolved Battlefiled awaits

A game-changer for the Battlefield scene landed last week on PC. With Venice Unleashed – short VU – Battlefield 3 on PC now offers unofficial mod support for all. While still fresh off the press, there are already very nice mods to try out.

Rest assured though, since even if you’re not entirely on board with trying out mods that change the core gameplay, there’s good news for you too. Venice Unleashed allows for custom private servers out of the box. Meaning, players will be able to create a tailor-made Battlefield 3 experience and play just with the people they want. A huge boon on its own!

Of course, VU’s biggest appeal are mods that actually do alter the gameplay. Since the modding framework was in the hands of developers for some time, there’s already a nice selection of modifications of small to medium scope.

You can check out all mods for Battlefield 3 on the community forums for VU here. Highlights in this early phase are dynamic day and night cycling, various new game modes, randomizers, and so much more.

It’s no surprise that a zombie mode is already in the works, either. Other notable mods are the addition of Killstreaks, famously known from the Call of Duty games. One particular mod that you might overlook at first glance is the addition of tactical freelook. Players of the ARMA series will instantly recognize the ability and also know how much it adds to the immersion.

Speaking of, the biggest mod for Battlefield 3 we know of for now is BF3 Reality Mod. It’s intended as the spiritual successor to the Battlefield 2 modification Project Reality. Certainly, one to look out for.

Since it’s still early days for the Battlefield 3 modding scene, pretty much all the existing mods are still work-in-progress. So, don’t come in expecting highly-polished experiences. Nonetheless, what’s on offer is really fascinating and should be plenty enough reason to return to DICE’s iconic modern military shooter once more.