Vote for the Golden Joystick Awards, get BioShock Infinite for $1

Fine, I'll vote.

If you want to have a say in what games get awards during the Golden Joystick Awards, but will only do it if you get something for damn near free — you're in luck. The 33rd annual Golden Joystick Awards are incentivizing gamers to vote for their favorite games from this past year, by offering BioShock Infinite on PC for $1.

There are 21 specific game categories to go through in order to claim your prize, then a number of steps that involve hovering over your email, clicking, copy and pasting, filling your name out, and then bam — the game is supposedly yours.

I went through the entire process, testing it it out, only to get an error that said the voucher code that would reduce the game to $1 could not be added to the game. Upon further inspection, it seems as though I am not the only one to encounter this. 

If you encounter this issue as well, submit a ticket at the help desk.

To make the process easier, before you vote make sure you have a Greenman Gaming account with your Steam account linked to it!

Vote here.